Error propagation monitoring on windows mobile-based devices



Mobile devices, such as Smartphones, are being used virtually by every modern individual. Such devices are expected to work continuously and flawlessly for years, despite having been designed without criticality requirements. However, the requirements of mobility, digital identification and authentication lead to an increasing dependence of societies on the correct behaviour of these 'proxies for the individual'. The Windows Mobile 5.0 release has delivered a new set of internal state monitoring services, centralized into the State and Notifications Broker. This API was designed to be used by context-aware applications, providing a comprehensive monitoring of the internal state and resources of mobile devices. In this paper we propose using this service to increase the dependability of mobile applications by showing, through a series of fault-injection campaigns, that this novel API is very effective for error propagation profiling and monitoring.

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Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing, September 2007

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