e-Learning Course for Euclidean Geometry



The study of geometry, with its formal and constructive nature, is, and will always be, very important for a mathematical practitioner.
In this paper we describe an e-Learning course for Euclidean Geometry with a particular focus on the constructive nature of geometry: from basic objects: points and lines, and basic constructions that can be done with a ruler and a compass, to very complex constructions with well defined properties. For this purpose we have integrated in the e-Learning course a Web page that gives the student the ability to explore the constructions already built-in and to do new ones through the use of a dynamic geometry software.
The e-Learning course was implemented as a SCORM activity allowing, in this way, the use of various LMSs as actual e-Learning platforms. We have used the Moodle, Claroline, and Dokeos LMSs as test beds.


E-Learning, Euclidean Geometry




The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, July 2008

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