Stabilizing Intelligent Route Control: Randomized Path Monitoring, Randomized Path Switching or History-Aware Path Switching?



Multihoming Intelligent Route Control (IRC) plays a significant role in improving the performance of Internet accesses. However, in a competitive environment, IRC systems may introduce persistent route oscillations, causing significant performance degradation. In this study, three design alternatives to cope with this issue are investigated: Randomized Path Monitoring, Randomized Path Switching and History-aware Path Switching. The simulation results show that Randomized Path Monitoring is an effective alternative to Randomized Path switching when the sampling frequency is conservative. The results also indicate that the use of a sophisticated IRC algorithm, such as history-aware path switching, does not bring noteworthy benefits in terms of stability.


Intelligent Route Control


in Proc. of the 11th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services Management of Converged Multimedia Networks and Services (MMNS 2008), September 2008

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