Design and analysis of stochastic local search for the multiobjective traveling salesman problem



Stochastic local search (SLS) algorithms are typically composed of a number of different components, each of which should contribute significantly to the final algorithm's performance. If the goal is to design and engineer effective SLS algorithms, the algorithm developer requires some insight into the importance and the behavior of possible algorithmic components. In this paper, we analyze algorithmic components of stochastic local search algorithms for the multiobjective travelling salesman problem. The analysis is done using a careful experimental design for a generic class of SLS algorithms for multiobjective combinatorial optimization. Based on the insights gained, we engineer SLS algorithms for this problem. Experimental results show that these SLS algorithms, despite their conceptual simplicity, outperform a wellk-nown memetic algorithm for a range of benchmark instances with two and three objectives.


Multiobjective Optimization


Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 36, #9, pp. 2619-2631, September 2009

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