Robust Fault Monitoring of Networked Control Systems



A robust fault-tolerant control system approach is proposed to control a nonlinear process using a platform for remote real-time control over the Internet. A fault tolerant control strategy based on a robust model-based fault diagnosis approach is addressed. The design objectives and the networked control system's uncertainties are formulated in terms of H∞ specifications and the problem is solved using the structured singular value (μ). A module for monitoring is included where contingency methods are taken into account whenever a control action sent by the remote controller is not received in an allowable time. This approach has been applied to the remote control of a nonlinear reconfigurable laboratory system, the Three-tank benchmark plant in the case.


fault-tolerant systems, fault diagnosis, uncertainty, control system synthesis, networked control system, monitored control systems


FDI in Networked Control Systems


8th Portuguese Conference on Automatic Control, July 2008

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