RMrun : peer-to-peer sharing of applications



In this paper we describe the first steps we gave to construct a prototype of RMrun , a peer-to-peer system where users share programs they have with each other. We enumerate some of the problems we are facing and some directions we are considering to take. RMrun uses standard Unix tools, like the X protocol and Secure Shell (SSH) to run remote programs pretty much as in any Unix system. The difference is that it does not require a particular user account in server hosts. One single account enables the user to run any program available in anonymous computers inside its community.

We think that RMrun can fit two main trends of uses: utilization of programs by peers that do not have access to such programs or do not want to configure them; and utilization of desktop CPU time in public volunteer computer.


2nd Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference (IBERGRID 2008), May 2008

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