Heart Murmur Recognition and Segmentation by Complexity Signatures



Heart sound segmentation has been a challenge of investigation for several years in diagnosis and preventing of many cardiovascular diseases. Heart sound triggers warning in presence of disrored/diseases. However, murmur prevalence in heart sound is the most common abnormalities are heard in many heart disorders. This paper introduces an algorithm for heart murmur identification from the other heart sound components such as S1 and S2. The algorithm includes wavelet decomposition for multi-resolution support and features that are extracted using nonlinear signal processing technique. Under this technique, heart sound signal are transformed in phase space computing the important parameter delay dimension which facilitates visualization heart sound behavior and important features extraction such as complexity. The method has been tested with diverse lesions of heart murmur 91.09+-5:38% sensitivity and 95.25+-2:49% specificity have been achieved.


Cardiac sound processing; heart murmur


EMBC -2008, 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, August 2008

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