The Cost of Using IEEE 802.16d Dynamic Channel Configuration



Ubiquitous broadband Internet access is an
important requirement to satisfy user demands and support a new work.
set of real time services and applications. IEEE 802.16, as a
Broadband Wireless Access technology, can significantly
contribute in this area. It is able to provide high throughput over
large distances, with intrinsic QoS support, in Line-of-Sight and
Non-Line-of-Sight environments. This paper discusses a network
architecture, based on IEEE 802.16d compliant equipments, which
is able to support real-time services with QoS integration through
dynamic configuration of the 802.16 channel, using the NSIS
framework. Tests have been carried out to evaluate the QoS
performance of the defined architecture, demonstrating that it is
perfectly capable of handling and supporting real time services,
using dynamic configuration of the 802.16 channel, without
introducing an excessive cost in the network.



Related Project

IST FP6 WEIRD - WiMAX Extension to Isolated Research Data networks (Integrated Project 034622)


ICC 2008. IEEE Internation Conference on Communications, May 2008

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