Experimental Evaluation of Multimedia Services in WiMAX



WiMAX is a new framework to provide long distance broadband
wireless access using the IEEE 802.16 standard. One of the most
important characteristics of WiMAX is the support of applications
with different requirements in terms of parameters such as delay,
jitter and bandwidth, as for instance real-time applications. The
WiMAX capability to support applications with special needs is
analysed in this paper through extensive experimentation on a
WiMAX test-bed. Specifically, the performance obtained for
multimedia applications over WiMAX links, configured with Best
Effort and Real Time Polling scheduling service classes is
presented. The experimental results show that, on one hand, when
resources are over-provisioned, the performance of the WiMAX
equipment is very good and the requirements of applications are
fulfilled, as expected. On the other hand, in under-provisioned
conditions, applications using the Real Time Polling scheduling
service have better performance than those using the Best Effort
scheduling service, given that the configuration parameter that
defines the maximum allowed delay for a flow is well configured.



Related Project

IST FP6 WEIRD - WiMAX Extension to Isolated Research Data networks (Integrated Project 034622)


4th International Mobile Multimedia Communicartions Conference, July 2008

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