A New Approach for Multi-Sink Environments in WSNs



Wireless Sensor Networks are low cost networks
constituted by modest devices with limited resources, whose main
function is monitoring. Based on the low price of these devices,
it will be cheap to deploy a large amount of nodes to monitor a
large area. However, to provide an efficient ad hoc network using
these limited devices, new and optimized algorithms should be
proposed. Most of the current work about WSNs are based on
simulation studies and do not take in consideration engineering
processes. This paper presents a Multi-Sink Node alternative
to multi-hop solutions. The proposed solution also provides a
new system for the discovery of devices and services over IPv6,
allowing nodes to be automatically incorporated in the nearest
WSN. This paper also presents a paradigm to efficiently provide
mobility, granting a fast handover of nodes between different
WSNs, without loosing the connection.


IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, June 2009

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