HyPath: an Approach for Hybrid On-path Offpath End-to-End Signaling



In a multi-domain Internet that offers Quality of Service guaranties, there is the need of signaling among the domain entities that are responsible for the management of Quality of Service. Because different domains have different network protocols and topologies, there is no solution that is able to signal these entities using an off-path approach and, in particular, that is able to interwork with the on-path signaling mechanisms. The HyPath approach extends the NSIS framework and its interactions with the local routing protocols to achieve off-path signaling in these hybrid environments. This document presents HyPath and its evaluation on a test-bed, showing that the mechanisms proposed have the potential to perform off-path signaling without introducing an excessive overhead in the network.


HyPath, off-path, signaling, NSIS, QoS, hybrid


QoS signaling


IEEE Globecom 2008 Communications Software and Services Symposium, November 2008


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