Experimental learning in Sciences: getting the lab inside the classroom using the Web



Providing authentic learning experiences in authentic learning environments are expected to result in cognitive as well as motivational benefits for students. Students' abilities to transfer what they have learned to new situations can help teachers to evaluate and improve their instruction. Under this premises, ICT has become an important instrument in education. Computerbased technologies have proved that well used can enhance learning and effectively motivate students to science subjects. More importantly under this context is that technology can be used to help meet the challenges of establishing effective learning environments by bringing real-world problems into classrooms. We will briefly present a case-study on experimental and experiential learning deployed through a Web platform and the reasons why we expect that a broader platform can help bring real science learning inside the future classroom.


Learning Science, E-learning, Authentic Envirornments


Education & Learning using ICT


ICALT 2009, the 9th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, July 2009

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