Edges: bridging Desktop and Service Grids



Service grids and desktop grids are both promoted by their supportive communities as great solutions for solving the available compute power problem and helping to balance loads across network systems. Little work, however, has been undertaken to blend these two technologies together in an effort to create one vast and seamless pool of resources. In this paper we will introduce a new FP7 infrastructures project, entitled Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science (EDGeS), that is building technological bridges to facilitate service and desktop grid interoperability. We pro- vide a taxonomy for existing state of the art grid systems and background into service grids, such as EGEE and volunteer computing platforms, such as BOINC and XtremWeb. We then describe our approach within three themes for identifying translation technologies for porting applications between service grids and desktop grids and vice versa. The individual themes discuss the actual bridging technologies employed, the distributed data issues surrounding deployment and application development and user access issues.


Grid Computing


2nd Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conference (IBERGRID 2008), May 2008

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