Monitoring the EDGeS Project Infrastructure



EDGeS is an European funded Framework Program 7 project that aims to connect desktop and service grids together. While in a desktop grid, personal computers pull jobs when they are idle, in service grids there is a scheduler that pushes jobs to available resources. The work in EDGeS goes well beyond conceptual solutions to bridge these grids together: it reaches as far as actual implementation, standardization, deployment, application porting and training.

One of the work packages of this project concerns monitoring the overall EDGeS infrastructure. Currently, this infrastructure includes two types of desktop grids, BOINC and XtremWeb, the EGEE service grid, and a couple of bridges to connect them. In this paper, we describe the monitoring effort in EDGeS: our technical approaches, the goals we achieved, and the plans for future work.


Grid Computing


3rd Workshop on Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing Systems (PCGrid 2009), May 2009

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 An effective monitoring framework and user interface design
TY Chen, HL Yeh, HW Wei, M Sun… - Software: Practice …, 2014 - Wiley Online Library
SUMMARY A distributed environment requires a monitoring system to oversee the operation
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quality computing environment and a reliable service. The interface and framework ...
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