Fusion of Semantics with Mobility Information: Prospects and Opportunities



In this position paper, we argue for the opportunities in combining data at the semantic level
with other types of data for extracting information related to mobility. Specifically, we are
interested in combining statistical data which describes mobility in the city (e.g. the number of
vehicles in a specific street per unit of time) and natural language-based information about
activities in the city (e.g. RSS feeds about events and user generated content about an individual's
activity). We intend to explore the opportunities and difficulties in performing this work and
discuss its possible applications. The paper is organized in three sections: we start by familiarizing
the reader with the main concepts involved; we propose our core ideas and point to a number of
applications; we then end by illustrating the main challenges facing this work


Ubiquitous Computing


InMotion \'09 : Pervasive Technologies for Improved Mobility and Transportation. Workshop of Pervasive 2009, May 2009

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