Min-Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem: Complexity, proprieties and formulations



Given an undirected graph G = (V , E) and a function d : V ' N , the Min-Degree
Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (md-MST) problem is to find a minimum cost
spanning tree T of G where each node i ' V has minimum degree d(i) or is a leaf
node. This problem is closely related with the well-known Degree Constrained Minimum
Spanning Tree (d-MST) problem, where the degree constraint is an upper limit instead.
In this paper we prove that the md-MST problem is NP-hard and present some pro-
prieties, namely upper and lower limits to the number of central nodes and leaf-nodes
in any feasible solution to the problem. Flow based formulations are also proposed and
computational experiments involving the associated LP relaxations are presented. These
results indicate that, for similar formulations to both d-MST and md-MST problems, the
LP versions of the d-MST stronger flow models seem to provide a better approximation
to the integer polyhedron than the correspondent md-MST flow formulations (within the
linear relaxation context), which seems to indicate that it might be harder to get good
formulations to the later problem.


Degree constrained spanning tree problems, complexity, single-commodity flow formula- tions, multicommodity flow formulations


Operations Research

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