Video Artifacts Assessment for Live Mobile Streaming Applications



Live mobile streaming applications will be among the most
important applications in future wireless multimedia systems. Hence, a
Quality of Experience (QoE) assessment control mechanism is an essential
requirement to assure the video quality level, whiling maximizing
pro ts to service providers and keeping and attracting new customers.
This paper studies the requirements to develop a video artifacts assessment
mechanism for live mobile streaming applications, introduce a new
assessment solution and no-reference QoE metrics. The proposed schemes
are evaluated based on psycho-physical experiments faced with artifacts
measurements. The results present the bene ts of the assessment mechanism
in estimating the quality level of live mobile streaming applications.


Traffic monitoring and measurement

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IST FP6 CONTENT Network-of-Excellence


in Proc. of the 2nd International Workshop on Future Multimedia Networking (FMN 2009) - POSTER, June 2009

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