Use of Web Services in E-Government Information Systems - A Case Study



The expression e-Government designates usually any transaction that involves the government and is carried out, even if partially, with the use of electronic tools, based on information and communication technologies. The implementation of e-Government in the public administration allows the development of more service channel and relationship with the citizen, always available either in geographical terms or in temporal terms, allowing a safe service and securing the confidentiality of the information. In this paper we describe the methodology followed in the Sub-project - Services On-line in the scope of e-Government - Valimar Digital Project, of the six municipalities of the Urban Community of Lima valley autarchies, a territorial space located in the axis of a great demographic and economic dynamism, which links the North coast of Portugal to Galiza-Spain, pointing out the facilitator role of Web services in the design and implementation of the respective Services.


e-Government; services; web services; XML


International Conference on Information Management and Engineering (ICIME 2009), April 2009

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