Struturing e-Deliberative Process with Online Surveys: Methodology and Evaluation



Citizen participation in governmental affairs can make democracy a reality, since it generates a continuous flow of information between citizen and government while assisting in their decision-making. Nonetheless, for democracy to truly exist, citizens must articulate discourses, pitch in suggestions and proposals, deal with them, and indicate their choices by diffusing them to the public. Through e-democracy, these consultative and deliberative processes are granted visibility and are consolidated. For the purpose of to render the integration of these processes viable, the Government-Citizen Interactive Model is used and sorted into phases. In order to diagnose the effectiveness of citizen participation in processes with e-democratic ends, the Maturity in Decision-Making method (MTD) is discussed. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the implications of using online surveys by stages in deliberative processes, based on previously established hypothesis. Finally, the MDM is verified, using online surveys.




7th International Conference of Electronic Government, August 2008

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