Context-Based Retrieval in Software Development



One of the problems that software development companies face today is the increasing dimension of software systems. The resources produced during the analysis, design and implementation phases of such projects are an important source of knowledge for software development companies. In general, this knowledge is not captured and its potential is underestimated. In order to make this knowledge accessible and easily reusable, efficient knowledge management systems are needed. In particular, it would be interesting to have this knowledge suggested to the user taking into account the context of the tasks s/he has at hands. The purpose of this work is to study and develop better ways of retrieving and suggesting relevant knowledge to the developer based on her/his contextual information. The techniques and models developed during this work will be integrated in Semantic Reuse System (SRS), which is a platform for knowledge management and reuse in software development.


Context-Based Information Retrieval, Software Development, Ontologies, Semantic Web


Context-Based Information Retrieval

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Doctoral Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (SDIA) of the 14th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (EPIA), October 2009

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