Inter-domain, on-demand VPNs mediated by a Business Layer (Technical Report)



VPNs are an important feature at NGN. Firstly because privacy and confidentiality each time more is a main matter; secondly, because private channels are important to qualify specific relationships between customer and providers that are a result of service mediated by a Business Layer (BL) and at last because VPNs can be the basis for many other expected value-added NGN services, like videoconference, Internet banking and multimedia applications.
VPNs have been established trough an intense human intervention, what is not in concordance with NGN perspectives. The presence of a BL helps do diminish this, however, opens discussion to some scalability issues.
At this work, we discuss how an inter-domain, on-demand VPN is effectively established with the intervention of a BL and in order to identify the advantages of this strategy we analyze performance and scalability aspects related to the BGP/MPLS VPN establishment. Based on that we conclude that this provisioning model has much more advantages than classical strategies which involve hard human intervention, moreover, this new model brings a new reality to inter-domain VPNs and that could be used as a value-added service at NGN.


Network Management

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