Managing Dynamic Inter-Domain Services (Technical Report)



Because the world wide range of the Internet and infrastructure advance, customers can access any service over the entire world despite their location. However, the vending strategy current used in the Internet is no longer desirable to most of the providers. They no more wish to offer infrastructure facilities and charge based on how much traffic clients generate. Providers want to offer services and charge for them, thus providing types of services for clients according to their needs.
In this paper we propose an architecture for service management in inter-domain environments, which supports the service life cycle. Despite it deals with several service management aspects, we plan to focus in the service composition and service negotiation functionalities.
This architecture is able to offer a common infrastructure to provide different types of service and allows dynamic configuration and provisioning of services based on an end-to-end connection. It was built based on NGN principles and is composed of three layers: business layer for negotiation and service orchestration between providers; policy layer used for resource management and; infrastructure layer for network configuration. To validate the architecture we implemented a scenario comprising the service life cycle of an inter-domain VPN establishment, using RFC 4364 mechanisms for configuration.


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