A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to SOA: Insights from a Three-Year Experience with a Telecom Company



We describe three challenges that a major telecom company faced on its way to SOA after the traditional first step of exposing legacy functionality and orchestrating it in higher-level business processes. We show how the accepted practice of gradual migration can cause the materialization of an SOA-related 'recent-legacy� that may constrain future architecture evolution; we discuss how newly gained agility in changing business processes can have complex consequences in managing the lower-level XML involved in interactions with the leveraged 'old-legacy�; and, finally, we address an emerging problem of finding the right services to build new business processes in a pool that steadily increases as the migration to SOA progresses. Our solutions are overviewed and a set of lessons is compiled to raise awareness of potential pitfalls when entering more advanced stages of SOA evolution.


Service-oriented arquitectures


3rd International Workshop on Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems, September 2009

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 Semantics take the SOA registry to the next level: an empirical study in a telecom company. C. Ferreira da Silva, PR da Cunha, P Melo, M Themistocleous - AMCIS, 2010,