Influence of temperature variations on the entropy and correlation of the Grey-Level Co-occurrence Matrix from B-Mode images



In this work, the feasibility of texture parameters extracted from B-Mode images were explored in quantifying medium temperature variation. The goal is to understand how parameters obtained from the gray-level content can be used to improve the actual state-of-the-art methods for non-invasive temperature estimation (NITE). B-Mode images were collected from a tissue mimic phantom heated in a water bath. The phantom is a mixture of water, glycerin, agar'agar and graphite powder. This mixture aims to have similar acoustical properties to in vivo muscle. Images from the phantom were collected using an ultrasound system that has a mechanical sector transducer working at 3.5 MHz. Three temperature curves were collected, and variations between 27 and 44 °C during 60 min were allowed. Two parameters (correlation and entropy) were determined from Grey-Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) extracted from image, and then assessed for non-invasive temperature estimation. Entropy values were capable of identifying variations of 2.0 °C. Besides, it was possible to quantify variations from normal human body temperature (37 °C) to critical values, as 41 °C. In contrast, despite correlation parameter values (obtained from GLCM) presented a correlation coefficient of 0.84 with temperature variation, the high dispersion of values limited the temperature assessment.


Non-invasive temperature estimation; Texture parameters; Image processing techniques; Ultrasound


Biomedical Engineering


Ultrasonics, Vol. 50, #2, pp. 290-293, Elsevier, February 2010

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