Challenging Brain-Computer Interface: the FP7 Epilepsiae Project



Epilepsy is one of the main neurological disorders. Millions of people must live with unexpected seizures, anywhere, anytime. This communication presents the Epilepsiae FP7project, its main scientific and technical issues. The project intends to improve substantially their social integration and living quality. The project intends to develop an intelligent alarming system, transportable by the patient, measuring the brain dynamical activity, capable of predicting the seizures, allowing the patient to assess the risk of his actual situation and acting accordingly to improve his safety and privacy. The system is based on multisignal information (EEG, ECG), intelligent data processing and wireless communications. The project will develop knowledge (in data analysis), algorithms (of seizure prediction) and technologies (of data acquisition and wireless transmission) that integrated into an intelligent system will be an important step forward in economical affordable personal healthcare systems for neurological applications. A distributed European Epilepsy Database will also be built by the project, including all the available information about epileptic patients in the three participating hospitals, allowing semantic mining based on multimodal, multisignal and multidimensional data


epilepsy; seizure prediction; FP7 projec

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IST Africa 2009 Conference & Exhibition, May 2009

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