Simulation Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks based on the TrueTime Toolbox



Research on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has received considerable attention in the last few years due to their unique characteristics, including, flexibility, self-organization, easy deployment, which make them an ideal candidate for low-cost monitoring. In order to help WSN planning and to enable the design of new protocols and applications and assess their performance, several existent simulation platforms have been extended to include simulation frameworks for WSN. In this paper, a higher level simulation platform for WSN is proposed based on the TrueTime toolbox. Relevant features include graphical representation of communication components, wireless communication and battery-driven operation. Special attention was paid to the 3D graphical interface, simulator interactivity and its extendibility. Simulation results demonstrate the applicability and usability of the proposed simulation platform.


WSN, Simulation


Simulation of WSN


IECON 2009 - 35th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, November 2009

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