A QoS Model for Business Layers



Future Internet brings a new perspective to the service management process. Multiple providers (content providers, internet service providers, etc.) need to cooperate in order to compose end-to-end services to their customers. This is an intricate scenario, since providers with different policies and business views must agree on how to combine their services. This scenario becomes even more complicated if services beyond best-effort quality are required, since networks with different capabilities and QoS models may be involved in the provisioning process. In this work, we propose an adequate QoS model for a business layer, which can support QoS-aware service provisioning in multi-domain scenarios. This QoS model automates the QoS-related functions involved in delivering the service and allows customers to benefit from on-demand QoS-aware services, thus improving the service provisioning process. An inter-domain BGP/MPLS VPN scenario testbed was undertaken to validate and evaluate the QoS model.


QoS model, Business Layer




International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN), January 2010

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