A Novel Stable and Low-maintenance Clustering Scheme



Clustering is one of the most important features of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), enabling their performance and scalability for a large number of mobile nodes. The design of clustering schemes is quite complex, due to the highly dynamic topology of such networks. Until now, a wide variety of clustering schemes has been proposed, focusing different metrics and purposes. In this article a distinct, fully distributed and clusterhead-free, clustering scheme is proposed, named as Novel Stable and Low-maintenance Clustering Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (NSLOC). The proposed clustering scheme was evaluated by simulation on topologies with up to 1000 nodes and variable node speeds. Results showed that the two mains goals of NSLOC, namely stability and low-maintenance, were fulfilled, while introducing less overhead than existing clustering solutions.


Clustering in Wireless Networks


Proceedings of the ACM 25th Symposium On Applied Computing (ACM SAC), March 2010


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