A Cross-layer Routing Scheme for Scalable Triple Play Service in Wireless Mesh Networks



Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are a potentially
valuable type of new generation communication systems, that
allow wired and wireless networks to be easily integrated.
Routing plays a central role in WMNs, due to their multi-hop
structure and the need to identify the best routes to the gateways
that can provide an acceptable performance for demanding
applications such as in triple play services, including traditional
data applications, voice, and video over IP. A scheme for
scalable routing in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio WMNs has been
developed to improve the traffic performance in this callenging
scenario, named Cross-layer Routing schEme for scAlable
Triple play sErvices (CREATE) in WMNs. CREATE employs
a clustering routing scheme which relies on a cross-layer
routing metric and on an inter-cluster routing procedure for
load balancing. A simulation study to assess the impact of the
routing metrics on the different applications that form triple
play services was carried out, and provided important insigth
to support the choice of the metric to be used on the proposed
routing scheme. By combining clustering, inter-clustering load
balancing and an interference and load aware routing metric,
CREATE has the potential for scalable multi-hop WMNs in the
presence of challenging traffic mix, such as Triple Play Services.


Routing in wireless mesh networks


The Fourth IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Mesh and Ad Hoc Networks (WiMAN 2010), August 2010

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