An Empirical Study on Older Employees Training on ICT



The rapid changes in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) require
employees that easily re-qualify themselves and improve their skills, through training. Employees can effectively use modern technologies, like e-learning to get trained. The normative literature indicates that the ICT training process becomes more complicated, when we focus on older employees. Also, older employees (over 40 years of age) have different training needs, skills and cababilities compared to younger employees. This paper is a continuation of our previous research on older employees training presented at EMCIS 2008 The authors attempt to address issues related to this area by discussing a framework that can be used to train older employees on ICT. The proposed framework was tested in the practical arena with older employees from different countries participating in this research. The participants found the proposed framework useful and suggested that it can be used to efficiently address this issue.


Adult learning, e-learning, ICT training, older employees.


European and Mediterranean and Middle East Conference on Information Systems 2010, April 2010

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