Healthcare IS and Older Employees Training



Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to examine a model that supports the management, design and delivery of Healthcare Information Systems (HIS) training activities for older healthcare employees.
Design/methodology/approach - The study is carried out by means of a quantitative study.
Findings ' In this paper we investigated older employees training management in Healthcare Information Systems and proposed a novel model. The model was tested by 139 healthcare employees and we found that (a) older healthcare employees need to be trained on HIS, (b) older healthcare employees should be trained by combining new technologies and considering theories on older employees training, (c) given the many other pressures on today's clinicians, and health care workers' relative lack of experience with computing, there should be a well organized and managed training process, and (d) healthcare organizations should realize the benefits gained by well managed training processes and support their employees.
Research limitations/implications - At theoretical level the paper extends the body of literature and it proposes a validated model that can be replicable.
Practical implications At practical level this research demonstrated that using the proposed model older employees in the healthcare sector: (a) can be trained on Healthcare Information System in a more organized way, (b) can improve their skills and (c) seek new career paths.


Information Systems


Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol. 23, #6, December 2010

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