Boundaries in information visualization: towards information aesthetics



This dissertation comprises theoretical and pragmatic approaches to the field of information visualization. The theoretical approach comprises a research that defines the field in a historical context with several examples. The differences between scientific and information visualization are explained. Information visualization is approached as a contemporary practice, how it is defined and what trends it comprises nowadays. Information visualization is envisioned as a process with a strong design component and aesthetic concerns. The pragmatic approach consists of three independent yet related works. The first one explores narrative techniques to portray the decline of modern maritime empires. The second work creates different visual metaphors to display the traffic during on day in the city of Lisbon. The last work implements a book cover design tool that generates artifacts based on the book's content. The work is finally envisioned as whole, tracing a path from information visualization to information aesthetics.


Information visualization, Information aesthetics, Scientific visualization, Data visualization, Lisbon traf- fic, Cognitive mapping, Empires decline, Book covers design


Creative Design

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CityMotion (MITPortugal Program)

MSc Thesis

Boundaries in information visualization: towards information aesthetics, July 2010

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