Generative Storytelling for Information Visualization



In an era characterized by the flow of massive amounts of data, information visualization plays an important role in synthesizing data, making it intelligible, and providing insight from it. Here, we focus on telling a story from data by interpreting events, actions, and actors as a way to amplify the cognition of information. A story uses real-world metaphors and analogies to convey knowledge in a ludic, compact way. So, storytell- ing, in the context of this article, deals with the core of information visualization by extracting relevant knowledge and enhancing its cognition.
In particular, we address creating stories from data fabulas (which we discuss in the next section), using computer graphics as a narrative medium. We?ve developed a conceptual framework for in- formation visualization: generative storytelling. This approach aims to build various stories con- veying the same fabula from a given dataset. To illustrate it, we use a visualization of the decline of the major maritime empires.


Information visualization, information aesthetics, computer graphics, generative storytelling, storytelling


Information visualization


IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 31, #2, pp. 80-85, March 2011

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