Service Discovery and Real-Time Search in Wireless Sensor Networks



Nowadays, there is an increasing trend of connecting devices to the Internet following the concept of the so called Web of Things. Thus, devices composing Wireless Sensor Networks are also becoming part of the Internet and leading us to meet new requirements. One of these main requirements is service discovery, as we need to know which services a node provides. Furthermore, we need mechanisms that allow real-time search within these services without flooding the network and wasting all the hardware resources and power supplies. Therefore, this is a challenging problem for small and constrained devices as Wireless Sensor Network motes are. In this paper we aim to describe the problem?s design space, to provide solutions and also results in a case study where they can be applied.


Wireless sensor networks, service discovery, real-time search.


Wireless Sensor Networks

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ICT FP7 GINSENG - Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks


CNRS 2011 - 1st Portuguese Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, March 2011

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