An Aggregation Scheme for the Optimisation of Service Search in Peer-to-Peer Overlays



This paper presents a mechanism to improve the
efficiency of service searching in large-scale multi-domain environments composed of service providers organized in a P2P Service Overlay Network (SON). This mechanism relies on a P2P overlay-tier whose purpose is to aggregate the services and service components maintained by service providers in the P2P SON. We name this mechanism Aggregation Service (AgS). It comprises the service and service components publishing and allows the separation between the service providers and the search schema. The average search path length was used as
metric for the AgS assessment through simulation. The simulation results clearly show an improvement in search operations when the proposed Aggregation Service is used, when compared to searches performed without it


Services management, P2P, Service aggregation


Services Management


6th International Conference on Network and Services Management (CNSM 2010), October 2010

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