CWMP Extensions for Enhanced Management of Domestic Network Services



Broadband Forum's CPE Wan Management Protocol
(CWMP/TR-069) became, in the last few years, a key industry
standard for the management of devices that, despite located in
the local network of domestic broadband users, still need to be
directly managed by operators due to their relevance to added
value services such as VoIP, IPTV, VoD or femtocell applications.
Nevertheless, in spite of its relevance, the adoption of
CWMP is still slow, due to some natural deployment inertia but
also because current CWMP applications do not cope well (yet)
with the dynamic environment of domestic LANs, where the
nature of topologies and services to be managed quickly evolves.
In this paper we propose an extensible CWMP agent
framework that, whilst keeping full compatibility with the
original specification, allow it to better adapt to the home
network environment, by incorporating the notion of extensible
CWMP agents and proxying mechanisms.


CPE Management, CWMP, Home Networks


Network Management

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IEEE LCN 2010 (The 35th IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks), October 2010

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