A Bit-Selector Technique for Performance Optimization of Decision Support Queries



Performance optimization of decision support queries has always been a major issue in data warehousing. A large amount of wide-ranging techniques have been used in research to overcome this problem. Bit-based techniques such as bitmap indexes and bitmap join indexes have been used and are generally accepted as standard common practice for optimizing data warehouses. These techniques are very promising due to their relatively low overhead and fast bitwise operations. In this paper, we propose a new technique which performs optimized row selection for decision support queries, introducing a bit-based attribute into the fact table. This attribute’s value for each row is set according to its relevance for processing each decision support query by using bitwise operations. Simply inserting a new column in the fact table’s structure and using bitwise operations for performing row selection makes it a simple and practical technique, which is easy to implement in any Database Management System. The experimental results, using benchmark TPC-H, demonstrates that it is an efficient optimization method which significantly improves query performance.


OLAP Query Performance Optimization, Bitmap and Bitwise Operations in OLAP


Performance Optimization


ICEIS 2009 - International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, May 2009

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