A Query Cache Tool for Optimizing Repeatable and Parallel OLAP Queries



On-line analytical processing against data warehouse databases is a common form of getting decision making information for almost every business field. Decision support information oftenly concerns periodic values based on regular attributes, such as sales amounts, percentages, most transactioned items, etc. This means that many similar OLAP instructions are periodically repeated, and simultaneously, between the several decision makers. Our Query Cache Tool takes advantage of previously executed queries, storing their results and the current state of the data which was accessed. Future queries only need to execute against the new data, inserted since the queries were last executed, and join these results with the previous ones. This makes query execution much faster, because we only need to process the most recent data. Our tool also minimizes the execution time and resource consumption for similar queries simultaneously executed by different users, putting the most recent ones on hold until the first finish and returns the results for all of them. The stored query results are held until they are considered outdated, then automatically erased. We present an experimental evaluation of our tool using a data warehouse based on a real-world business dataset and use a set of typical decision support queries to discuss the results, showing a very high gain in query execution time


Performance Optimization, OLAP, Query Caching, Data Warehousing


Performance Optimization


DEXA 2009 - Database and Expert Systems Applications, September 2009

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