A case Study on Performance Enhancement in WSN Using Contiki OS.



Most of the recent research on wireless sensor networks (WSN) relies on architectures in which network performance targets are not considered as essential, such as remote sensor monitoring of agricultural or environmental applications. On the other hand, performance assurance has a significant impact in plant automation industry, in particular for metrics such as reliability or delay. Based on a scenario from the GINSENG project, several experiments are conducted through a developed application using Contiki OS. Some strategies are implemented in terms of the network and MAC layers regarding Quality of Service and autonomy improving. reducing both the message loss and the energy consumption. Experimental results demonstrate the benefits of the proposed enhancements concerning message loss and power consumption comparing to solutions implemented in the current version of Contiki OS.


Wireless sensor networks; Performance; Energy efficiency; Reliability.

Related Project

ICT FP7 GINSENG - Performance Control in Wireless Sensor Networks


EWSN 2010 - European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, February 2010

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