Pattern Recognition of the Household Water Consumption through Signal Analysis



This paper presents the initial results of a research project that aims to develop a method for losses/leakage detection and household water consumption characterization through the detailed patterns analysis of signals generated by water meters. The Department of Civil Engineering (University of Coimbra) supports the research as part of a PhD Project. An experimental facility is used for signals acquisition and data analysis will be performed by using a pattern recognition algorithm that will identify the hydraulic devices in use. It is intended to develop and test some algorithm structures at various plumbing configuration forms to find the best one. In a second phase, a consumption analysis will be carried out using that algorithm to test its efficiency in inhabited houses.
The expectation is to develop an efficient water monitoring tool that helps the users to follow-up and to control the water consumption using a computer or
even a mobile device.


pattern recognition, signal processing, monitoring household water


Intelligent Signal Processing; pattern recognition


DOCEIS 2011, February 2011

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Year 2014 : 1 citations

 Magiera, E., and W. Froelich. "Integrated Support System for Efficient Water Usage and Resources Management (ISS-EWATUS)." Procedia Engineering 89 (2014): 1066-1072.