Empowering independent game developers to perform sound design



Short budgets and logistics of independent game development limit the exploration of meaningful sound design.
Paradoxically, independent development profits from the potential of experimentalist and creative productions of a distributed critical mass, diverse and free of mainstream tenets, with impact on innovation and new paradigms.
It urges to unlock the inherent potential of independent game development to the exploration of sound in games. For that would contribute the empowerment of independent game developers to emancipated and meaningful sound design. Sensitization and guidance are instrumental to such intents.


auditory guidelines, design patterns, game design, guidelines for sound design, independent games, independent game development, pattern languages, sound design, user experience


Human-Computer Interaction


Videojogos2010 - 3ª Conferência de Ciências e Artes dos Videojogos, September 2010

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