A Surprise-based Selective Attention Agent for Travel Information



This paper describes an agent that can be integrated in travel information systems so that these provide only the relevant/interesting travel information for travelers, preventing these from a superabundance of information and unnecessary interruptions. To do that the agent includes a surprise- based artificial selective attention mechanism grounded on psychological and neuroscience theories of selective attention and surprise which defend that surprise plays an undeniable role on attention focus. Our claim is that only travel information that diverges from the norm or is unfamiliar to the traveler should be considered relevant and therefore delivered to the traveler. We describe the architecture of the surprise-based selective attention agent and illustrate its critical role in an en-route travel information system.

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Forms of Selective Attention in Intelligent Transportation Systems


6th Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation - 9th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems 2010, May 2010

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