WSRTesting: Hands-on Solution to Improve Web Services Robustness Testing



Web services are widely used as software components that must provide a robust interface to client applications. Robustness testing is an approach particularly suitable for detecting robustness issues in web services. In fact, several research works have been conducted in the past leading to the proposal of different robustness testing techniques for such environments. However, although of utmost importance, most techniques do not consider the needs of complex systems and services as the ones being developed by the software industry for business and safety critical scenarios. In this industrial practice paper we introduce an enhanced web services robustness testing approach that is being used at SESM Scarl. The proposed technique was built based on actual needs and has been applied in the context of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) application. Results show that companies can successfully use robustness testing during the development of highly complex service based applications.


robusntess testing, web services, case-study


Web services robustness

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Fifth Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing, April 2011

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