Using Feedback Connections in ReNCoDe



The relationship between the genotype and the phenotype in Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) is a recurrent issue among researchers. Based on our current understanding of the multitude of the regulatory mechanisms that are fundamental in both processes of inheritance and of development in natural systems, some researchers start exploring computationally this new insight, including those mechanism in the EA. The Artificial Gene Regulatory (ARN) model, proposed by Wolfgang Banzhaf was one of the first tentatives. Following his seminal work some variants were proposed with increased capabilities. In this paper, we present another modification of this model, consisting in the use the regulatory network as a computational device where feedback edges are used. Using two classical benchmarks, the n-bit parity and the Fibonacci sequence problems, we show experimentally the effectiveness of the proposal.


regulation, network, development, parity, Fibonacci


Evolutionary Computation Representations


2011 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2011), July 2011

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