Experiments on Controlling Overfitting in Genetic Programming



One of the most important goals of any Machine Learning approach is to find solutions that perform well not only on the cases used for learning but also on cases never seen before. This is known as generalization ability, and failure to do so is called overfitting. In Genetic Programming this issue has not yet been given the attention it deserves, although the number of publications on this subject has been increasing in the past few years. Here we perform several experiments on a small and yet difficult toy problem specifically designed for this work, where a perfect fitting of the training data inevitably results in poor generalization on the unseen test data. The results show that, on this problem, a Random Sampling Technique with parameter settings that maximize the variation between generations can significantly reduce overfitting when compared to a standard GP approach. We also report the results of some techniques that failed to achieve better generalization.


Genetic Programming, Overfitting, Generalization


Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming

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EnviGP - Improving Genetic Programming for the Environment and Other Applications


15th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (EPIA 2011), October 2011

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