How to Provision and Manage Off-the-Shelf SIP Phones in Domestic and SOHO Environments



Integrated services delivered over broadband
connections are becoming the norm in domestic households, as it
is the case with triple-play bundles which offer combined Voice,
Television and Data services delivered using IP-based
technologies and protocols. As a result, the usage of SIP-based
(Session Initiation Protocol) VoIP devices has known a significant
growth in domestic environments, either in the form of
standalone (e.g. SIP telephones) or embedded devices (as it
happens with some domestic gateways, which embed analog-to-
SIP adaptors).
For Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the provisioning and
management of those devices is a challenge ? especially
standalone SIP phones, since most of them were exclusively
designed for corporate LAN usage, not supporting adequate
mechanisms for remote management over broadband access
In this paper we propose a framework which allows the
integration of off-the-shelf SIP phones with the CWMP protocol
suite, the prevailing standard for remote management of
Customer Premises Devices (CPEs) in broadband access
networks. This integration framework supports the vast majority
of commercially available SIP phones whilst maintaining full
compatibility with the original CWMP specification ? thus
allowing ISPs to reuse their CWMP management infrastructure
to configure and provision off-the-shelf SIP telephones.


CWMP, VoIP, SIP, Home Networks


Network Management

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IEEE LCN 2011 (The 35th IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks), October 2011

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