On the Dimensioning of an Aggregation Service for P2P Service Overlay Networks



An aggregation service (AgS) is a P2P overlay-tier whose
purpose is to aggregate and optimize the searching of services and service
components maintained by service providers in a P2P Service Overlay
Network (SON). AgS dimensioning takes into account the AgS size, in
order to allow it to adequately perform the searching when compared
with P2P SON native searching mechanisms. Suitable AgS dimensioning
helps service providers to plan their infrastructures and services, allowing
them to keep costs under control. This paper presents an assessment of
the dimensioning of an AgS overlay. The assessment takes into account
the searching response time as metric in both the environments: 1) P2P
SON and 2) AgS. The assessment also takes into account the AgS own
maintenance overhead, in order to compare it with the searching response
time in the P2P SON. The simulation results show that, on average, AgSs
whose sizes are lesser than 90% of the P2P SON size present better
searching efficiency than the same searching operations in P2P SON.


Services management, P2P, Service aggregation


Services Management


5th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2011), June 2011

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