An Approach to Peer Selection in Service Overlays



Networking services are increasingly being provided
by peer-to-peer service overlay networks (P2P SON), allowing
service providers to cooperatively offer and run a flexible set of
services. In this respect, the selection of peers is a key issue for
improving resource usage and end users Quality of Experience
(QoE). This paper presents an approach to best peer selection in a
three-tier P2P SON architecture, allowing the splitting of service
business functions and peer selection functions. The proposed
best peer selection approach is evaluated by simulation, using
a 5-dimension distance metric available in the literature and
real delay, jitter and geographical positioning made available
by the CAIDA project and MaxMind’s free database. The
simulation results show the consistency and good performance
of the proposed peer selection approach.


Services management, P2P, Service aggregation


Services Management


7th International Conference on Network and Services Management (CNSM 2011) 2011

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