An Inspection on a Deck for Sound Design in Games



In the context of an initiative to empower non-expert practitioners to perform sound design in games, assisted by a pattern language approach, it is helpful to hold an instrument that fosters the contact with the design patterns. With such purpose, we have been working on a deck of cards, which is also subject to an appreciation for sound explorations as an integral part of game design. We present the current rationale for the design of the deck, evidencing its suitability to maintain sound design opportunities at reach, in an expeditious and non-intrusive manner. We also report an exercise of inspection of the deck, aiming at a first refinement through the identification of foremost hindrances in terms of perception and content interpretation.


Deck, design patterns, design cards, game design, pattern language, sound design


Human-Computer Interaction


6th Audio Mostly Conference: A Conference on Interaction with Sound, September 2011

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