A Deck for Sound Design in Games - Enhancements based on a Design Exercise



In the context of an initiative to empower non-expert practitioners to perform sound design in games, we have been working on a collection of design patterns and in a deck of cards that function as tokens to those patterns.
The deck serves both practitioners and researchers. Practitioners may appreciate a presentation of potential sound explorations in a format that is literally handy, with no need to be familiar with the formalism of design patterns. Researchers who are willing to evolve such patterns may explore the usage of cards as part of a setting designed to be auditable.
This paper presents the results of a first experiment with the deck in a scenario of a game design session. The goal is to evidence information supporting foremost enhancements to the deck itself, to the process in which it has being explored and audited, and to the inscribed collection of patterns.


Deck, design patterns, design cards, game design, pattern language, sound design


Human-Computer Interaction


8th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology - ACE 2011, November 2011

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